intuitive eating & Bodywork


All of our nutrition and bodywork services are personalized to cater to your unique needs, goals, and preferences.


Nutrition Counseling

Get personalized support from a registered dietitian who blends intuitive eating with functional nutrition.


Therapeutic Massage

Schedule a bodywork session and discover how it can help you tune into your intuition and love your body well.



Join us and other healing practitioners to experience transformative wellness events that nourish your mind, body, and soul.


Nutrition Counseling

We integrate intuitive eating principles emphasizing a mindful approach to food, encouraging you to listen to your bodies’ cues for hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. This approach will help you foster a healthy relationship with food and promote sustainable, healthy eating habits.

Additionally, we incorporate functional nutrition which focuses on addressing the underlying causes of health issues by considering your unique needs, biochemistry, environment, nutrient deficiencies and lifestyle.

These sessions can be done either virtually through a HIPAA-compliant platform or in-person so that you have flexibility.

Complimentary 15 minute discovery call
First Nutrition Counseling Session | 90 minutes | $200
Follow Up Nutrition Counseling
(for established clients) | 60 minutes | $135

Therapeutic Massage

We ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the experience. We prioritize your comfort level, mobility, and desired pressure, as well as address any specific areas of concern you may have.

During each session, we employ a combination of stretching, Swedish relaxation techniques, trigger point therapy, cupping and neuromuscular therapy. This diverse approach allows us to target your specific goals and objectives effectively.

Customized Therapeutic Massage | 60 minutes | $80
Customized Therapeutic Massage | 90 minutesĀ | $120


Wellness Workshops | Coming Soon!

Start Your Transformational Journey Today

Creating a positive and respectful relationship with your body will nourish all aspects of your life.  Imagine breaking free from body shaming self-talk and feeling a newfound appreciation for your body. Imagine how that will make a difference for the next generation. Don’t wait any longer, start your journey today and see the incredible transformation that can happen from within.

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